Employment Law

If you have an issue related to employment, our experienced lawyers can assist you.

These issues could include:

  • wrongful dismissal
  • forced resignation
  • constructive dismissal

Constructive dismissal is a situation where although you are not dismissed, your position has been so fundamentally changed that it is essentially the same as a dismissal.  We can also assist you with situations where you are forced to resign and your employer is treating it as a resignation, rather than a proper wrongful dismissal.

There are many factors to consider with regard to the amount of compensation you might be entitled to in a wrongful dismissal case.  These include the age of the employee, the position of the employee, the likelihood that the employee will find alternate work and any enticement on the employee to take the position in the first place.

We can also assist you with issues involving:

  • harassment (sexual or otherwise)
  • being treated unfairly in the work place
  • financial loss
  • Workers’ Compensation Board Claims
  • employment insurance claims
  • pension
  • disability

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