Family & Divorce

Going through a divorce or separation can be a very difficult time. The lawyers at AMJ LAW are experienced on focusing on the crucial issues and moving matters forward so a resolution can be found in a timely fashion.  We always defend our clients’ best interests.

We can also assist you before major disagreements arise between you and your spouse by advising you of your legal rights and obligations and help you prepare a marriage or cohabitation agreement before or after you marry or begin living together with your spouse.

These agreements can be useful in planning ahead and clarifying expectations between you and your spouse particularly when the parties have substantial assets, when there is a marked difference in the assets the parties are bringing to the relationship, as well as when the parties are beginning a second marriage or long-term relationship.

Where there is separation or divorce it is important to know your legal rights and obligations as you deal with:

  • dividing family assets and property
  • maintenance or support issues for you, your spouse or your children
  • guardianship, custody and access issues involving your children

In some circumstances, immediate steps should be taken by way of applications to the court to preserve family assets or to protect you or your children.

We can assist you to communicate and negotiate the legal issues with your spouse including:

  • separation agreements
  • mediation
  • divorce litigation

We can also assist you with “desk order divorces” if you and your spouse have agreed on all legal issues and all you need is a legally binding divorce

This can be a fairly simple procedure and after all documents and evidence are gathered and put in order, an application can be made to the court without a hearing or the parties or lawyers attending in court to obtain a divorce order.