Bicycle Accident

Were you involved in a Bicycle Accident in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland? We can help.

Despite training and education, use of safety equipment, and an increase in bike lanes and designated bike routes, accidents involving bicycles and motor vehicles continue to occur. As bike use increases, the number of accidents and injuries from accidents involving cyclists and cars has increased.

In B.C., the laws and regulations that set out the rights and duties of cyclists and motorists who must share the road can be complicated and determining fault for any accident can be difficult. In many cases, cyclists are blamed for accidents but if you have been injured in an accident that was not your fault, you may be able to claim for the losses you have suffered. It is important, however, that the circumstances of the accident are fully investigated and that fault for the accident is decided fairly. A lawyer can assist you to ensure that your side of the story is heard before important decisions concerning liability are made that may affect you negatively.

In accidents involving a collision between a cyclist and a motor vehicle, it is likely that the rider will suffer injury even if the motor vehicle is not damaged or the vehicle was not moving quickly. Often there can be injury not only from an impact between the car and the bicycle but further injury caused when the cyclist falls to the ground or if the cyclist collides with something else while trying to avoid the collision or regain control the bike.

Sadly, many accidents involving bicycles and motor vehicles result in serious injuries or death because of the increased vulnerability of cyclists. These injuries can include:

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If you have suffered injuries while operating bicycle, especially if the injuries are severe and may affect you permanently, consult a lawyer who will represent your interests from the earliest stages of your claim.