Motor Vehicle / Car Accident

Legal Advice for Victims of Motor Vehicle / Car Accidents in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland

If you are the driver or passenger in a motor vehicle accident and you have suffered injuries or financial loss due to the negligence or carelessness of another motorist, you may have a claim for damages (compensation).

The compensation often will be for the pain and suffering caused by the injuries but can also be for losses such as,

  • lost income, including future income loss
  • damage to property
  • out-of-pocket expenses (including medications, travel to therapy sessions, medical equipment or aids, and user-fees for physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, massage therapy and other therapy)
  • cost of future care, including costs of living with a disability

Lawyers specializing in ICBC claims

AMJ LAW lawyers in Vancouver have extensive experience dealing with the ICBC claims process and adjusters and negotiating settlements out of court. We are proud to have represented thousands of ICBC claimants over the last three decades.

AMJ LAW’s approach is based on listening carefully to your objectives, addressing your questions and concerns, investigating and presenting the strongest evidence, and obtaining the best possible settlement. In most cases, a favorable settlement can be achieved out-of-court by our direct settlement discussions with ICBC’s adjuster or ICBC’s lawyer, or by mediating the dispute. Our lawyers have attended many successful mediations and have taken many injury claims to trial in both the Provincial Court and the B.C. Supreme Court.

We begin every claim by meeting with you and providing a free, no-obligation, initial consultation to answer your questions about the claims process, the court system, how compensation is assessed and how legal fees are calculated. At AMJ, we don’t pass your case to junior lawyers or staff members once the case is started. As a firm that prides itself on working as a team to most effectively put our resources behind you, we rely on the experience and skill of every lawyer and staff member but the lawyer you meet and who initiates you case is the lawyer who will handle your claim and who will be available for you to call or meet at any stage you wish.