Pedestrian Accident

Were you involved in a Pedestrian Accident in Vancouver’s Lower Mainland? We can help!

Most accidents involving pedestrians occur when someone is struck by a car, truck or motorcycle while he or she is crossing an intersection in a crosswalk. But pedestrian accidents can also happen when crossing outside of a crosswalk, or walking on the sidewalk through a driveway or even in a parking lot or other private property.

Thousands of pedestrians are injured or killed in motor-vehicle related accidents, even in collisions that may not involve high speeds. Often a pedestrian may suffer injury after the initial impact, when he or she is thrown by the impact or falls down.

Determining the cause of an accident and who is at fault for it can be complicated and requires a full investigation of all the relevant facts and an understanding of the laws that govern the rights and duties between pedestrians and motor vehicles. Our lawyers are skilled and experienced at gathering the facts and presenting your case to the insurance company or the court.

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