Neck, Back & Other Injuries

Soft tissue injuries and strains involving the neck (whiplash) and back frequently result from motor vehicle accidents but can also be caused by slip and fall accidents or other accidents. Often these injuries can be much more severe than initially expected, and the symptoms may worsen in the days and weeks after the accident.

In some cases, injuries to the neck and back can last for months or years and for some individuals, the symptoms are permanent. Soft-tissue injuries can result from motor vehicle collisions even when the speeds involved are not very high.

Soft tissue injuries can include:

  • severe bruising
  • painful swelling
  • strained muscles
  • damage to ligaments or tendons
  • repetitive stress injuries
  • injuries to the muscles and tissues around your shoulder

Injuries involving the neck and back can seriously interfere with your enjoyment of life and your ability to work. It is important to document the symptoms and to seek early diagnosis and treatment of the these injuries.

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