Probate applications can be an overwhelming process for the friends and family of the Deceased not versed in the process.

What is Probate?

Probate is the legal process by which property such as bank accounts and real estate are transferred after a person’s death. Various procedures apply depending on the size of the estate, whether or not there is a valid will, the nature of the assets being held and age of the beneficiaries. Probating and estate can include such matters as identifying the personal representative, collection, liquidations, management and distribution of the Deceased’s estate.

The experienced lawyers at AMJ law are experts at guiding interested parties through the process, procedures and documents associated with obtaining various grants of probate and dealing with the Deceased’s assets. We will help determine whether a grant of probate is even necessary, the jurisdiction where it needs to be sought, and the parties responsible for carrying out the Deceased’s wishes.

We will help gather all relevant information and draft the relevant documents with empathy and efficiency. Once the grant probate has been obtained we will explain, educate, and guide our clients through the process and responsibilities of acting as a personal representative and assist with such things as transferring property, collection, advertising for creditors, distribution and even dealing with foreign assets and estates.

Often the application for probate is not the most taxing issue for personal representatives but rather the personal interactions and questions from beneficiaries, other personal representatives, family and friends of the Deceased. Our lawyers are versed in maneuvering through this difficult time in a manner that keeps relationships in tact.

The lawyers at AMJ LAW have had the pleasure of working for international clients who rely on our knowledge and efficient nature to give them peace of mind that we will do our upmost to make the process as fast and painless as possible even if our clients, the deceased or the assets are not based in Canada.